Guitar and other strings

Guitar and other strings AA. VV.

artwork in progress. out in early 15 year
Guitar and other strings
This album collects nine acousmatic compositions performed in premiere with the acousmonium AUDIOR as part of the concert series ‘Guitar and other strings’, held in 2013 and 2014 in the Nineteenth-Century Hall of Sforza Castle of Galliate (Italy).
Based on the sounds of acoustic and electric guitar and ‘other strings’ instruments (theorbo, psaltery bow, violin, Đàn Tranh, Guzheng), all the compositions have in common the intent to move the boundary between sound and noise, to consider all existent and imaginable sounds potentially suitable for the artistic creation.

AUDIOR acousmonium

Designed and built in 2012 by Eraldo Bocca, the acousmonium AUDIOR currently consists of a total of 54 speakers (among full range and “colored”) and 44 amps, has one analog console spatialization of 32 channels and three 16-channel digital consoles. Some of the speakers full-range are modular and can be assembled in such a way that can adapt to different configurations. The speakers “colored” have different types in order to play the best audio range which they are intended. In particular, the speakers for the mid-range are of dipolar type, to take advantage of the emission reflected back from the walls of the concert hall, while the speakers for the high frequency are hyperbolic horns that allow a great deal of pressure and linearity of issue.